can i pour cooking oil down the sink

5July 2022

can i pour cooking oil down the sink

The short answer is No, please don’t do it, so why can i pour cooking oil down the sink. Because it will clog your sewer lines and will become a big headache.

Can Oil Be Poured Down the Drain?

Never put grease or oil down the sink drain or through the garbage disposal. Although it isn’t exactly hazardous waste, it will ultimately cool and harden. settling in your main sewer line or lining your drain pipes.

While cooking in the kitchen, we all frequently come into contact with oil and grease. Life at home includes it.


In some recipes, you might occasionally need to add extra cooking or frying oil, particularly if you intend to deep fry your food.


Although some individuals believe that liquid cooking oil may be better for your drain, both olive oil and vegetable oil will harden once they have finished cooking.

Even when using hot oil, some will still stay in your pipes and gradually solidify. Hot water and dish soap could fix your immediate drain issue, but they won’t clean the main line completely.


When you’re finished cooking, what should you do with the oil and grease?


Instead of throwing the oil and fat down the drain, store it in a sealable container and eliminate the container once it is full. You may also use a used butter or milk carton.
After cooling, line it with paper towels to absorb the cooking oil and dispose of it in the trash.

Why it’s a bad idea to pour oil and grease down the drain


  • blocked drain

One of the biggest reasons to avoid pouring oil and grease down the drain is the risk of a drain clog in the future.

In truth, too much grease is the main cause of backups and overflowing sewer pipes.


When the liquid grease cools, it hardens, adheres to your pipe, and builds up until it clogs it.

There is a higher chance of trouble if the sticky substance picks up on food scraps that wash down your drain.


A clogged drain can affect also with city’s water treatment operations in addition to your own plumbing system.


When used with dish soap, hot water or boiling water can partially dissolve solidified grease, but it won’t entirely stop a clog.

In fact, it can just promote the blockage to advance through the drain pipe of your plumbing system and into the public sewer system.


Using a DIY under-sink grease trap to catch grease before it drains and performing routine drain cleaning with natural drain cleaners are two more ways to prevent a grease clog (outside of proper disposal).



  • Septic Issues

Grease can increase the number of bacteria in your septic system and produce a layer of sludge that is difficult to degrade.

Although your septic system is built to tolerate some grease and fat, excessive amounts will overwhelm it.

In general, you should clean your septic tank every three to five years.

However, if excessive grease and oil buildup cause the natural bacteria levels in your septic tank to become out of balance, you may need to invest more money in more frequent, professional septic tank cleaning.


It is less expensive to dispose of cooking oil properly and to prevent further issues and costs.

I accidentally poured grease down the drain! What happens next?

You might try putting hot water down the drain combined with Dawn dish soap after pouring grease down the drain to try and break up the substance.

You should be aware that the hot water might only momentarily dissolve the solid oil and push it further into your sewer system.

In general, it’s not a problem to rinse a pan of used oil, although it’s forbidden to pour residual grease from browned hamburgers.


Try a homemade drain cleaner comprised of white vinegar and baking soda if hot water doesn’t fix the problem.

Use an enzyme drain cleaner that is made to consume organic stuff, such as food particles, to take things up a notch.

Now working?

You can also try caustic drain cleaners, which use harsh chemicals to break up the clog.

However, you should only use these cleaners when necessary and always follow the directions to keep your plumbing from corroding or getting damaged in other ways. These might be harmful.

For the worst clogs, you can either hire a plumber who employs hot jetting or use an electric plumber’s snake to remove the obstruction at the source.




  • Vegetable oil: Is it Safe to Pour Down the Drain?

No. Vegetable oil cannot be poured down the drain. Extra vegetable oil should be kept in a locked container and thrown away.

  • Is Olive Oil Safe to Pour Down the Drain?

Olive oil should not be put down the drain since it will solidify and clog the drain.


  • Can I pour a little oil down the sink drain?

You don’t want to form negative habits, even if a small amount of oil down your drain won’t cause a problem as rapidly as big amounts of oil. Additionally, even small amounts of oil might cause major issues in the future.


  • Can you use hot water and oil in the drain?

No. Hot water might dislodge grease and oil from the local drain, but it will merely push the obstruction farther down the sewage line.