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14August 2022

Your Guide to the Home Improvement Projects That Anyone Can Do


The great thing about being a homeowner is that everything is yours.

You get your own place to rest, work, and be with your family.

However, you are also responsible if something is broken or damaged.

The good news is that there are many easy fixes to the standard issues that many homeowners face. Here at the South Shore Plumbing Company, we love to help people with their improvement projects, so we have some advice on many common home maintenance tasks.

Stop a Running Toilet


If you have a running toilet and no amount of jiggling the handle will stop the issue, you may have to take more invasive measures.

There are several steps you can try.

Start by checking the flapper, which is the seal at the bottom of the toilet tank. It can wear out and when it does, the toilet will run, so replace that.


If you still have an issue, check the float, which is the ball or cup that regulates the water level. If it is too high then the water could rise above the overflow pipe and lead to running.

You can fix that by bending the arm that attaches to the float, and then the water won’t rise as high and the running should stop.


Clean Your Gutters and When to Find a Pro


If you have trees in your yard then the chances are good that the leaves from those trees are going to make their way into your gutters.

you must get up there and remove the debris because if you don’t,  then when it rains, your gutters could be overwhelmed and it could lead to water damage down the line.

If you have a one-story house then it is as easy as getting a ladder, securing it against your house, and then cleaning out the leaves.

You can make a compost pile out of them later.


In the case that you have a 2- or 3-story home, it may be a good idea to hire a professional.

An expert will have the necessary equipment and the know-how to make the project a snap.

To get a free quote from a contractor, simply click here

Then, read customer reviews to ensure that you are hiring the best company. Also, look at rates and find someone within your budget.


Fix a Hole in the Wall From a Door Knob


There is nothing worse than opening a door the wrong way and finding that the door knob went through the drywall. It is an unsightly mess, but you can fix it. First, find a spare piece of drywall.

It doesn’t have to be the same color since you can paint it later.

Cut a square in the new drywall that is large enough to go around the whole. Then, cut the damaged drywall out in the same square shape.


Next, add in the new piece and then purchase some drywall mud (sometimes called wall repair spackle) and cover the area.

Spread that thinly over the patch of drywall, which will flatten it out like the rest of the wall.

Once dry, you can paint it over and it will look good as new.


Fix a Broken Drawer


Whether it is on a cabinet, a desk, or a wardrobe, if you have a broken drawer then it is important to fix it so you can keep your belongings secure.

First, check the rails of the drawer and ensure that they are stable.

If not, you may have to add a screw or two so they are secure.

If the drawer seems fine but it is not moving in and out smoothly, then you may have to lubricate the wheels by adding a bit of grease.

When in doubt, replace the wheels.


As you can see, there are many home improvement projects that you can do on your own with a little knowledge.

From fixing a broken drawer to clearing your gutters or getting professional help, there are many issues that can be remedied in hours.

If you would like to know how to fix plumbing issues or you need us to come out, then contact the South Shore Plumbing Company at 888-428-0450.

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